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2010/2/18 FACTORY ONE @Hong Chen Film Studio

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2010/2/18 FACTORY ONE @Hong Chen Film Studio

Postby jetty » 04 Feb 2010, 13:18

Factory One - 20 Years of Electronic Music @ Hong Chen Film Studio


A Factory ONE?
We export dance music, produce parties, import artists and work all night!
We are the dream factory that creates memories!
At Hong Chen Film Studio?

Whether you are experienced in the club scene or not, with sparkling DJs from Taiwan, China and Japan
Together we will experience the biggest party event in 15 years, and leave utmost unique footprints in Taiwan's electronic music history

Electronic music actually has a history of more than 20 years, but to most music fans nowadays, electronic music represents the deep humming bass and military pounding drums of dance music, whether it be house, techno, trance, break beat or drum and bass... Which all started from Britain's acid house rave scene in the 80's. To a Taiwanese music fan, the history of electronic music starts from 1995. The reason why electronic music was so intoxicating and memorable, is because it was bound together by "raves", which are out-door or underground club party events.

All most all old electronic music fans have their unforgettable first rave memory. Taiwan's first out-door rave happened in the summer of 1995. Some DJs borrowed a truck from their friends and moved the sound system equipment to Erchong Floodway in the middle of the night. 200 people attended this first rave out-door party in Taiwan.

The years followed with many DJs continuing to throw raves at places such as Erchong Floodway, Ta-tao-Cheng Harbor, under HuaChung bridge and Yangming Shan. About 100 to 200 people would show up at each event. Ravers had not yet reached their full height, but "rave" seemed to become a vogue term. For instance, the 1996 Citizen Plaza grand opening event held by Taipei City Government was called "Super Citizen, Rave Revel".

The chilly winters were not suitable for outdoor raves, thus Taiwan's rave events started searching for new locations. Ever since 1998 and 1999's New Year Party "Full on 99", the Hong Chen Film Studio at Nangang district became Taipei's winter party arena.

It wasn't until after 21th Century did Taiwan's rave phenomenon started to explode. Aside from locations close to Taipei, such as Yangming Shan, Formosa Fun Coast, Neihu and Keelung (Jilong), rave scenes also went beyond boundaries and held events at Longtan's Kunlun Herb Gardens, Tainan's Masago Beach and Kending. Raves sprouted like mushrooms in unexpected places. Every event attracted large waves of people.

That was the golden era, and the most chaotic era. Taiwan's explosive rave scene expansions was a two-edged sword that led to its own demise. Various night clubs appeared, accompanied with vast waves of negative media reports on rave parties in 2003. Clubs were forced to close and the rave scene diminished almost entirely in Taipei.

Today, Taiwan's electronic music scene has left that sweet chaotic rave era behind. Large electronic music parties are thrown in predictable locations, such as Luxy or Taipei World Trade Center.

PLUR. Ravers from 7 or 8 years ago, with their fantastic first raves, might still remember these four letters: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Looking back, it all seemed a little naive and silly. Today, famous international DJs come to Taipei every month. You occasionally buy the ticket, and become one amongst those swarming sweaty clubbers, but the PLUR way back then seems like its never coming back.

At least you still have memory. In our memories, dancing till day break with friends, that freedom, that liberty. Doesn't PLUR appear real as ever when you go back and listen to electronic music? (By Jeph)


SHIN NISHIMURA / Plus Records, Japan
ELVIS.T / Acupuncture Records
A-TAO / Species Records

Date: 2010.02.18 Thu. 21:00~05:00

Location: Hong Chen Film Studio
No.868-1, Sec. 1, Zhongyi Rd., Guishan Township, Taoyuan County MAP

█Ticket Price
Advanced Tickets: NTD 1000 (sold until Feb 15)
Group Purchase: NTD 800 for every 5 tickets (sold until Feb 15)
Tickets at door: NTD 1200

█VIP room: 10 people per room. Cost NTD 12000 and comes with one bottle of whiskey and 10 beverage tickets (10 rooms only)
█VIP room/Group purchase order line:0913-407-393 Kaoru

█Group purchase order line:0938-242-730 Jackal
█Group Ticket Purchase Spot:
Species Records
Ad: 2F., No.20, Ln. 96, Kunming St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City (Turn in alley beside McDonald's)

M@M Boutique
Ad: 4F.-3, No.112, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City (Across Mcdonald's, above Shin Yeh Restaurant)

█For advanced tickets please contact Era Tickets:

+Party Event Official Site+

+Warm Up Event Webpage+

Sponsored by:Phatory
Supported by:Tripper、Everything X Everything

Transportation information:

Motorcycle or car: (Set out from Taipei via provincial highway no. 2)
Go up Zhongxiao bridge from Taipei Main Station, you'll enter provincial highway no. 2 after you pass Siyuan Rd., Xingzhuang. Pass Huilong and go on Wanshou Rd., turn right to Changshou Rd. when you meet the fork. Go straight and turn right to Jungyi Rd. Go straight towards Lin Kou. On the uphill you'll see "Youni" Gas Station on the right. Hong Chen Film Studio is right beside.

Car: (Set out from Taipei via highway)
1. Go down Lin Kou Interchange No. 2 and turn left to Jung Yi Rd. Go straight pass the sky bridge, descend down hill. When you see "Youni" gas station prepare to turn around, Hong Chen Film Studio is on the other side of the road.
2. Go down Lin Kou Interchange No.1 and turn left pass Chang Gung Hospital. Turn right at the traffic light, go straight down Fusing 1st Rd, turn left at the sky bridge. Go straight and descend down hill. When you see "Youni" gas station prepare to turn around, Hong Chen Film Studio is on the other side of the road.

◎ Attention:

+No children under 18 are allowed, ID required during entrance
+We retain the right to reject entrance to those who are improperly dressed
+No foods or drinks allowed. Please bring few personal items as possible and do not let go of valuable items.
+Please do not bring any illegal items such as guns, knives or bats.
+Possession, consumption or selling of any restricted drug are strictly forbidden. If discovered will immediately contact police.
+We retain the right to drive away those with abnormal behavior
+Please do not drive when you are drinking. A safe driver secures your life and assets

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