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6/10~12 Earthfest Revolutions Outdoor Music Festival @Kunlun herb gardens, Taoyuan

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6/10~12 Earthfest Revolutions Outdoor Music Festival @Kunlun herb gardens, Taoyuan

Postby jetty » 14 Apr 2011, 13:24


Join us on a 40Hour rollercoaster ride, custom fitted with a huge 30,000 watt sound system, under the stars amongst the jungles of Taiwan, with amazing decor and art installations, lasers, fire dancers and other visual treats, it'll be a festival ride that will be long remembered.

One Festival, One Tribe, Thirty-Two DJs, Three Days, Two Nights, One Ticket.

FREE Camping, Rooms available on site, Workshop, Food vendors.

____________EARTHFEST PSYTRANCE____________
Friday night:
19:45~21:00 Infinite Freefall (SA) EF Revolutions
21:00~22:30 Joy (TW) dEA studio
22:30~00:00 Psyan-L V Echenoz (TW) LSD Productions
00:00~01:15 Theendtone (CRC) Bocaraka Rec.
01:15~02:45 Koala (TW) 26D/Phreex Networx
02:45~04:00 kevin a.k.a kinnara (TW) acousma project
04:00~05:15 Mal-Funktion (SA) ChickenScratch
05:15~06:45 Jocy (TW) Purple Hexagon Recs.
06:45~08:00 XemiTone (SA) EF Revolutions
08:00~09:45 Kerlivin (TW) 26D/Phreex Networx
09:45~11:00 Soniya (TW) EF Revolutions
11:00~12:00 Barfly (TW) BPM ProductioN
12:00~13:15 The SinisterSound Syndicate! (Can/SA)

_____________EARTHFEST ELECTRO______________
Saturday afternoon:
13:15~14:45 JamesHo (US) / Lazydaze (Aus) EF Revolutions
14:45~16:15 Eddie & Andy (TW) Revox Records
16:15~17:30 Cougar (TW)
17:30~19:00 DJ Code (TW) ELEKTRAX MUSIC
19:00~20:15 Victor (TW) Finique Production
20:15~21:45 Chino Spiker (TW)
21:45~22:45 Juni (US) SUBTRACTS!
22:45~23:45 Gill T. Azell (Can) EF Revolutions Feat. MC Roka
23:45~00:45 Rich (NZ) Feat. MC Stoppa EF Revolutions
00:45~01:45 C-Type (UK) Feat. MC Insatiable EF Revolutions
01:45~03:00 Fion (TW) BPM ProductioN
03:00~04:15 @L (TW) BPM ProductioN
04:15~05:30 AMstereo (SA) EF Revolutions
05:30~07:15 DJ Duckie (US) EF Revolutions
07:15~08:45 Yoshi (TW) Bass Kitchen Taiwan
08:45~10:15 D.Hooker (Can)
10:15~11:45 Lazydaze (Aus) / JamesHo (US) EF Revolutions

■ The SoundScape:

From Friday 10 pm to Saturday afternoon....we'll be moving through the soundscapes of progressive psy to hitech-psy to night time psy to forest to full power to morning psy to psybreaks/electro........Then from Saturday afternoon...... we move through psy ambient/ electro ambient Glithch Dub to Chilled Minimal Tech House breaks to minimal tech to jungle to Dnb to electro breaks to tribal tech to tribal house to dirty electro to breaks to minimal, finishing late Sunday morning with Lazydaze's chilled set...EPIC!

■ Date: 2011/6/10~12
40 hours NON-STOP

■ Where: Kunlun herb gardens, Taoyuan

■ Admission fee:
*For 3 days 2 nights

Middle bird: 600nt (4/8~5/5)
Old old bird: 700nt (5/6~6/3)

---At door

■ Where to buy presale tickets:

---有種唱片行∣Species Records
2F., No.20, Lane 96, Kunming St., Wanhua District, Taipei City
---The SOHO dining space & URBAN 9 BAR
No. 149, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei City
#1-2, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd., Jhong Jheng (Zhongzheng) District, Taipei City

■ Tickets sevice:

Jackal 0938-242730 (Bilingual)
Jetty 0926-199000 (Bilingual)
Monica 0939-118338 (Bilingual)
Stu 0930-052529 (English)
Victor Yeh 0936-212066 (Bilingual)
Juni 0952-652244 (English)
Duckie 0986-596946 (Bilingual)
Kevin 0981-817103 (Chinese)
Duckie 0986-596946 (Bilingual)

Full Bar, with cheap drinks all night long (3 BEERS for $200 & 3 bottles of WATER for $100)

■ Notice:
Please do not bring your own drinks !!
Respect Kunlun temple∣Love the earth∣Free camping

■ Book a room:

■ Event contact: 0939-118338 Monica

■ Official Website:

■ In association with:
acousma project, Bass Kitchen, BPM ProductioN, Cube Production, d.E.A Studio, Finique Production, Hexagon Recs, LSD Productions, Psymeals, Revox Records, S.L.S lasers, 26d productions, 映象唱片, 映樂誌
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