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Say No to Wind Turbines in Sanzhi- Sunday 5th June

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Say No to Wind Turbines in Sanzhi- Sunday 5th June

Postby kaipakati » 30 May 2011, 22:08

Do we want the North Coast to look like Xibin?
The coast line around Qian Shui Wan (Cafe Street) Sanzhi and Baishawan is a precious resource, a green gem of rural Taiwan, the way it used to be, and amazingly close to Taipei. A new cycle track that links Baishawan with Danshui is almost completed, allowing Taipei residents greater access and enjoyment of the area.

HOWEVER, a large multi national company is proposing to build a line of giant wind turbines along the coast here. They gained the first permit, with almost none of the locals being made aware of the plan.

There is much documented evidence of the harm that these turbines do to the immediate environment, in addition to detracting from the natural scenery and creating noise pollution which will negatively affect the local inhabitants, and beach and cycle track visitors.

The locals of Sanzhi are petitioning the government to prevent the wind turbines being built here.

On Sunday 5th June, the relevant government departments are meeting with the wind turbine company, locals, environmental groups and other interested parties, to decide the future of the area. Please, if you care about these things, love the North Coast, and have the time to spare, come along to the public meeting and take this chance to register your views.

相招作伙鬥陣來 Say No to Sanzhi wind turbines.

主題: 三芝大型風機公聽會
時間: 6月5日(星期日) 早上10:00
場所: 三芝區公所

Theme: Sanchi large wind turbine public hearing
Time: 6 月 5 日 (Sunday) 10:00
Location: Sanchih District Office


North Coast for the Protection of the natural environment
Please folks keen to join the ranks of

要美麗 不要風力 !

We don’t want the wind turbine but beautiful scene!

聯絡電話: 0933-848-674
North Coast Environmental Self-Help Association
Phone: 0933-848-674
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Re: Say No to Wind Turbines in Sanzhi- Sunday 5th June

Postby ThreadKiller » 31 May 2011, 20:45

As is clear from the banner above, the Events forum is not a debate forum. Responses to the above post have been moved to the Living in Taiwan forum.
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