UFC 131: Dos Santos vs Carwin LIVE in Taoyuan! (6/12)

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UFC 131: Dos Santos vs Carwin LIVE in Taoyuan! (6/12)

Postby The 3 Baboons » 09 Jun 2011, 15:25

The 3 Baboons will show UFC 131 LIVE from Vancouver, Canada on Sunday June 12 @ 9:30am! Watch Dos Santos take on Carwin in the heavyweight headliner, the winner of this fight will have a shot at the heavyweight title. Prediction is there will be a KNOCK OUT in the first round. Bets anyone?

Please use the side door if you are arriving before 10:30am. Drinks & Bloody Marys available at 9:30am, menu available at 10:30am. Thanks for your cooperation.

For directions to The 3 Baboons, go to http://www.3baboons.com/location.html or visit us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/3.baboons
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