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7th Annual WHOSE Travel Charity Book Exchange

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7th Annual WHOSE Travel Charity Book Exchange

Postby JoHo » 04 Mar 2011, 01:21

7th Annual WHOSE Travel Charity Book Exchange (Taichung City)

Sponsors as of 1/6/11:
The Frog Family, GuanXi Magazine, The Compass Group, 185 Warehouse

Saturday, March 12th from 2:00pm to 10:00pm

Frog 1 Restaurant青蛙墨西哥餐廳1號店 and WHOSE Travel -北美旅行社
106 Hua Mei W. St. Sec 1

Event History:
After over half a decade of charity, given to local charities of all different kinds, this event has grown into a bilingual festival of literature, live music and lots of food and friends. Dale Mackie of WHOSE Travel and Matthew D. Flint of GuanXi Magazine started the event to help raise funds for the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Patrick Byrne, who has done many large and small events all over the country, quickly stepped up to help organize the music. People were instantly interested in both helping out and filling up their bags with great reading. The following year we chose a local charity and have seen a steady increase in yearly total donations, aided by introducing Chinese literature 2 years ago. Over-all we have raised approximately NT500,000 for various local charities. This year we would like to break the NT200,000 barrier at a single event.

This year's chosen charity is the Childhood Burn Foundation of the R.O.C.

CBF History:
In Taiwan, 1987, burns were ranked as the number two cause of childhood death. Before the Taiwanese National Health Insurance was started in 1995, most of the affected children came from lower-income families and usually could not afford the high medical costs. In view of these sad facts, Mackay Memorial Hospital and Ali Shan Oasis Shrine Club co-founded the Childhood Burn Foundation of the ROC in Nov. 1988. Since then it has contracted 41 hospitals established with Burn Centers which provide burn treatment to help children medically, psycho-socially and financially.

Become a Sponsor:
Over the years we have had unbelievable support from businesses around the country. This year our plan is to get bigger and better prizes to push us over the NT200,000 mark. We need corporate and local businesses to help by donating goods or services to the raffle. Whether you run a small business, work in retail, or have big ticket items like electronics, sporting goods or household items, your involvement is both crucial to the success of this event and beneficial to your local image. Here's how you can shine a light on your business:

-Main Sponsor:
Donate any big ticket item worth NT15,000 or more and be included at the top of all media and promotion including:
Compass Magazine, GuanXi Magazine,,, Sunny 98.1 FM

-Media Sponsor:
By helping us reach our desired audience any media provider, be it television, print, radio or web, would be included at the bottom of all media and promotion from the time we agreed upon content and run time / release. Our content will be continually updated as new sponsors join the team. Help us give back and let us warm your audience with a positive message.

-Event Sponsor:
All small donations for the raffle, like dinners, products and services, will be well represented and mentioned many times during the event. When your prize is called we will do our best to give all information one might need. Also, your logo will be included in our thank-you ads that will run in Compass Magazine in April 2011 and GuanXi Magazine in June 2011

The Event:
People are simply asked to donate English or Chinese books to Frog locations around town or at WHOSE Travel before or on the day of the event. Local businesses are asked to donate products or services for the raffle.

On March 12th books are for sale for a minimum donation of NT50 each, with high quality hard covers at a slightly higher price. Volunteers to carry and organize books are welcome to contact Dale for more information.

The live raffle will take place at dusk and continue between bands until the end of the event. Tickets will be available at the event and before the event at locations around Taichung, including Frog Restaurants and WHOSE Travel, for NT100 each, 6 for NT500, or 13 for NT1000. Anyone who is not present for the raffle will be contacted to pick up their prize(s) at their convenience from WHOSE Travel.

There will be live entertainment performed by local bands, who year after year happily donate their musical skills to this great cause. Patrick Byrne has continually been the head of this musical dragon, helping to fill this event with music and entertainment.

This year, for the first time, we will open the second floor of the venue to make room for hilarious kids entertainment including The Taichung Improv group, a ventriloquist and fire safety activities by the professionals at the CBF.

Everyone is invited to donate their old books and pick up some new reading material, enjoy some great live entertainment while supporting a good cause.

Event Coordinator:
Dale Mackie 0912045011
Patrick Byrne 0939574737
Design / Promotion:
Matthew D. Flint 0958867550

There will be updates at this link as we confirm bands, prizes and entertainment: ... _books.htm
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Re: 7th Annual WHOSE Travel Charity Book Exchange

Postby Redmenace » 10 Mar 2011, 08:02

I'll be there!
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Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Re: 7th Annual WHOSE Travel Charity Book Exchange

Postby Puppet » 14 Mar 2011, 00:44

I had a very tiring, yet blastful, time. Thank you for the opportunity to perform in the kids' show, both with improv and ventriloquism.

I am glad to see it was a huge success. Thanks to everyone that came, from those who just came to enjoy to the person that spent the most. You all made it a huge success.
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