Solo Taiwan "台灣" 一枝 "獨秀" Unique Theater Show

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Solo Taiwan "台灣" 一枝 "獨秀" Unique Theater Show

Postby JoHo » 18 Apr 2011, 00:29

Who hasn’t been there: facing the challenges and pleasures of communicating with someone so seemingly different from yourself? On May 7 and 8, two solo shows created by “local” actors will join forces to create a unique theatre experience about the journey of being abroad. In a combination of English and Chinese, these two MIT (Made In Taiwan) stories and characters will truly “Touch Your Heart.”
誰不曾遇過要面對與看似和自己不同的人溝通而產生的挑戰及樂趣?五月七日、八日兩齣由兩位「當地」外國人聯手打造獨特有關旅居國外的戲劇經驗。結合中、英文的MIT(台灣製造)故事及角色的確可以Touch Your Heart!

Where: Open Theater 大開劇團
107 Taichung Harbor Rd, Sec 3, B1, 台中市西屯區中港路三段107號B1,

When: May 7 (14:30 and 19:30)
May 8 (14:30 and 19:30)

Tickets: NT450 at the door.
NT400 in advance.
NT320 for students.
NT 300 for bookings of 10+

Available at:

The Early Bird Diner: (04) 23202608) 62 Chung Ming South Road

Match Café : (04-23134597) 60-3, ZhongGang Rd, Sec 2
(Taichung Harbor Rd)

Wilson: (齊威傑): 09333 67899 (Chinese/English 中/英)
Josh: 091212 9654 (English 英)
Katie: (卜凱蒂) 0952884776 (Chinese/English 中/英)

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