Kaohsiung Yogi at Luvstock music festival, July 14th, 15th!!!

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Kaohsiung Yogi at Luvstock music festival, July 14th, 15th!!!

Postby LisaFurtado » 19 Jun 2012, 09:45

Greetings Earthlings :bow: :bow:

You are invited to attend the 8th annual Luvstock music festival, in Taichung on Saturday, July 14th & Sunday, July 15th.

Come celebrate community-ism with Kaohsiung Yogi and thousands of other like minded humans! :discodance: :discodance:

Meeting place is the Kaohsiung Arena KRTC stop R14 (Exit 2, Mincheng park) on Saturday, July14th @ 9am.

We’ll be camping in tents at the location that night in Taichung. We will organize the car pooling and/ or bus to share.
We will be returning back to Kaohsiung, Sunday July 15th around 5-6pm.

Food will be shared, or bring your own if you have dietary necessities.
Enjoy a potluck with us or purchase from the many food vendors available.
Vegetarian options are provided.

Join our FB for event updates:

Volunteer Yoga teachers Mayna, Mere, Coral and Lisa will be sharing free yoga classes
in nature throughout the day during the Luvstock festival!!!

This is a non profit event in tune with peace, love and yoga.

Please email us to reserve a ride up, need camping space&/or if you are interested in offering your unique activity ideas for the Wellness tented area:
Do you want to share any of these to the masses? : drum circle, didgeridoo/ vocal acoustic set, aromatherapy treatments, craniosacral therapy, wellness products, martial arts workshops…

We are open to your creative ideas!

If you have any questions or want to add anything please contact us at:


Peace & Love :rainbow: :rainbow: :heart: :heart:
Kaohsiung Yogi
Lisa & Mayna

More info about Luvstock music festival:

Join “Kaohsiung Yogi” FB for event updates:
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