Nov. 26 - Women's Bazaar Dance Party 南台灣第一場 -- 純女市集派對

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Nov. 26 - Women's Bazaar Dance Party 南台灣第一場 -- 純女市集派對

Postby Linda H. » 12 Nov 2011, 13:49

Ladies, for a change of pace and weather, venture to Kaohsiung for a Women's Bazaar Party. On Saturday, November 26th, not only will there be a night of dancing featuring micro-dance lessons and performances, there will also be a showcase of women's handicrafts and talents. A portion of any profit will be given to charity. This is the south's first ever event of its kind. For more information or to apply for the showcase, visit HerShe Adventures 她她歷險記 or on Facebook find HerShe Adventures. -- Sorry men, this is a women only event!!
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Linda H.
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