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Postby TainanCowboy » 28 May 2010, 09:57

Be there...or be square.
6.6.2010....1400 - 2100 hrs
Information at web site or by calling # on poster

xLife Shop - Freedom Games 2010

* - due to requests by Fire Marshals and event insurance underwriters the "Flaming Knives of New Zealand and Pi Jo Shoot-Out" performed at last years Freedom Games will not, I repeat NOT, be repeated. No animals were harmed in those events.
{Almas John and TainanCowboy assume no legal liabilities for any physical or emotional injuries claimed by audience or participants.)
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Postby Chaon » 28 May 2010, 11:52

I'll vanquish any Forumosan at that event who dares challenge me in Indian Leg Wrestling.
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Postby TheGingerMan » 28 May 2010, 13:38

Chaon wrote:I'll vanquish any Forumosan at that event who dares challenge me in Indian Leg Wrestling.

Crickey! That's almost enough to drop everything and head down there. I'm a bit rusty, but I'd put you through the paces in a best of three.
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