Gusto Deli Cafe (behind Chung Yo Department Store)

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Gusto Deli Cafe (behind Chung Yo Department Store)

Postby SlowRain » 29 Jan 2012, 16:32

We stumbled across this place quite by accident yesterday when we were walking around behind Chung Yo Department Store, and we made a point of going there for brunch this morning. It's a very small, simple place, but the food was pretty good. Of particular mention is their bread and their ham. It's owned by a foreigner, so the food is more geared to Western palates. Surprisingly, the cappuccino was excellent (although the milk was a bit hot and didn't have silky microfoam on the top). Most restaurants don't take coffee seriously, but this is a great place to get a very good coffee, and at a decent price! ... 90?sk=info (You can expand out the "Description" section to see their menu and prices.)
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