Your favorite restaurants

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Your favorite restaurants

Postby jdsully8 » 16 Feb 2011, 13:11

Thought I'd post this in case people are looking for some new restaurants. I'm assuming people know about Fingas, Early Bird, and Fubar, so thought I'd throw some new ones out there.

Salut Pizaa - Been open a long time, but I never seem to see people there. Maybe it's the times that I go, but thought I'd let new people know about that place. I've tried three other local pizza places and this is, by far, the best one. My friend told me that they're doing pizza by the slice, but for $350NT, I'd rather get a whole one and take it home. It's right next door to fubar.

Soho 7
Right across from fubar is a new sandwich, salad, and soup place. Grilled cheese sandwiches are really cheap and taste great. I haven't had the soup yet, but the salads are amazing and come with tofu on top (might be able to get other toppings, but haven't looked). wife and I ate there for roughly $500NT and got a beer, coke, two sandwiches, and a salad.
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Re: Your favorite restaurants

Postby just_chris » 18 Feb 2011, 15:04

I always go local when I visit as I don't stay in a hotel and I stay with wife's family. The only western place I've been is Starbucks next to the VW dealer and Toys R Us on a street I don't know the name of but I know where to walk when I need a cake.

Actually I ate a Western Buffet last time I was there it was named Las Vegas. It was ironic as I live in Vegas. Most of the food I eat is street food. When I visit in May the wife is staying home so I may venture out and eat more Western food.
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