The Villa at Heti Road

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The Villa at Heti Road

Postby maybin » 03 Dec 2007, 20:22

Someone recommended this place the other day.

I remember someone contributing that this was previously General Pancho's Mexican food stall in the neighborhood, but now has an inside store.

I got a glimpse of the menu and it has:
Pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, tacos, fajitas, breakfast eggs and stuff....etc.

Pretty much it's Mexican, Italian, American all rolled into one.

Pretty interesting.

Didn't go in cause it we wanted Spanish food from Spain so we trekked to Hola.

But the menu is just full of goodies.
Anyone tried their food yet?
Breakfast Store Laoban (zǎocān diàn lǎobǎn)
Breakfast Store Laoban (zǎocān diàn lǎobǎn)
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