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The GreenHouse in Kaohsiung

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The GreenHouse in Kaohsiung

Postby marboulette » 20 May 2009, 22:05

This place has just opened recently and it is owned and operated by Rachel and Yero, a young couple from America. (Canada or US, I'n not certain)

It's a small hole in the wall kind of restaurant, though they have a small indoor mezzanine and some tables outside on the sidewalk.

The menu is simple: Wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups and a few other things. They have preset menu items, but it's like a make your own type menu. You can just tell them what you want in your wrap, sandwich or salad and they'll make it to your liking. I'm hooked on their sandwiches. They use a panini style bread and they cook it in a sandwich grill. They cook the wraps like that, too, if you want. The sandwiches are quite big and good value for the money. They put lots of cheese in them, too, if you ask for cheese.

They have homemade brownies and brownies ice cream sandwiches for dessert, and they claim to have the best brownies in Kaohsiung. I'm not a fan of brownies, but my wife swears by them.

All in all, I give these young entrepreneurs three thumbs up. It's a refreshing addition to the food scene in Kaohsiung, and to top it up, their service is top notch.

The place is located on Mingcheng Road between Heti Road and Tzyuo Road about one minute away from Mintzu Dollars. Number: 0917894427


PS: Here's a funny story about the place. I was waiting for my sandwich about a week ago and while I was inside the restaurant chatting away, my can of coke was sitting on a table outside. Soon enough I noticed my opened can of coke had gone missing. I thought I had misplaced it. As I was looking for it, I noticed this seemingly homeless guy drinking a can of coke that looked a lot like mine. He was sitting on the front step of the shoe store next to the restaurant, something like 5 feet away from my table. I pointed to the can of coke and I asked him if it was my coke. First he chugged the rest of it, then he put the can back on the table, apologized and walked away. :noway: Yero bought me another coke. I was surprised that the guy did not at least walk away with it, instead he just sat there and drank it right in front of me. Yero's comment was "If he walked away with it, that wouldn't have been very honest, would it?" :lol:
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Re: The GreenHouse in Kaohsiung

Postby Eros » 21 May 2009, 11:00

It's always nice to see people going out and making their own way so I support this effort.

The one time I was there I personalized my panini sandwich myself and the result was ho hum. I can't blame them on that one though - next time I'll stick to their suggested combos. Overall, the place was clean enough and the people nice. I think most foreigners in Kaohsiung already know this place but if you don't, check it out.
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