Far Falla Pizzeria & Bar (Kending)

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Far Falla Pizzeria & Bar (Kending)

Postby Alleycat » 03 Sep 2010, 21:25

Hi All,

I've just spent the week at Far Falla Pizzeria & Bar in Kending with chef Jackie and the lovely Mimi, who is a gracious and generous host.

In addition to the hotel's lovely appointed rooms (each with a jacuzzi) overlooking Nan Wan, Far Falla now has a pizzeria.

Jackie, who was trained in Europe, makes authentic hand-tossed pizza.

Give it a try the next time you're down in ol' Kending.





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Re: Far Falla Pizzeria & Bar (Kending)

Postby Mucha Man » 03 Sep 2010, 22:29

That looks very nice.
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