Flying to Vancouver? Help reunite a family!

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Flying to Vancouver? Help reunite a family!

Postby Ex Animo » 27 Dec 2011, 10:35

Hi, all.

A Taiwanese friend has recently moved to Canada with her husband and kids and is now waiting for the rest of her family to join her: her dog, Didi, and her cats, Boober and Dada.

We're looking for anyone flying to Vancouver very soon who would be kind enough to let the furry family fly with them. You need to do very little other than meet us at the airport 30 minutes earlier than normal. We take care of all the paperwork, expenses, and running around. You just need to collect the animals (in their crates) near the baggage carousel on arrival and wheel them through to their extremely grateful and loving family.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you can help, either by PM or by the contact info in my signature below. We just need a couple of days' notice.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

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