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Ads for Taiwanese Universities go where???

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Ads for Taiwanese Universities go where???

Postby twocs » 21 Nov 2007, 19:33

Where would ads from a Taiwanese university such as NCU go? We're looking for a few good foreign students who know a lot (or at least are interested in knowing something) about teaching and are interested in studying about using technology in the language classroom.
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Combat Zone Mama-san (zhànqū māma sāng)
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Postby goose egg » 21 Nov 2007, 19:47

They would best go in the banner rotation. Paid banners help us keep the website running and can also be rotated throughout the forums, too

Or you can post them in the Everything Else category - - and this won't cost you anything. It should appear at the top of the Miscellanous feed that appears on the forums, too

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