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No jobs listed in Taiwanted?

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No jobs listed in Taiwanted?

Postby DaveTW » 29 May 2009, 09:59

Why are there no jobs listed in Taiwanted? Is it because of a technical thingy problem or are no employers running ads in Taiwanted? I would think that a site like this would be chocked full of job postings by both individuals and schools.
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Re: No jobs listed in Taiwanted?

Postby Big Fluffy Matthew » 08 Jun 2009, 21:37

Me too. Not a single teaching ad at all, not one. There used to be loads. What's that all about? Really, that can't be right at all.
Er.... thingy.
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Big Fluffy Matthew
Bodhisattva (pútísàduǒ)
Bodhisattva (pútísàduǒ)
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Re: No jobs listed in Taiwanted?

Postby MilkTeaJack » 19 May 2010, 13:59

OK, that was just plain weird.

Back on topic: Taiwanted has been a bust since last Summer. Nothing really works on there anymore and I haven't seen anything new on there either. I heard that there was a redesign in the works and they changed their minds halfway. BTW, how is it affiliated with the flob? Its advertised but clearly is defunct. I don't get it.
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Newspaper Copyeditor (bàoshè biānjí)
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Re: No jobs listed in Taiwanted?

Postby English_guy » 23 May 2010, 16:32

Is it still being redesigned, or is that finished now? - Taiwan English Teaching Jobs, apartments, items for sale, personals, and more.
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