Citizenship and Conscription

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Citizenship and Conscription

Postby Flotek61 » 15 May 2012, 16:12

I've been reading many of the topics and most of them have contradicting statements (because of dates) or just things that don't apply to my in general
My first question is in regards to citizenship/nationality. To begin, I'm Half. My mother is from Taiwan (still holds a valid ROC passport) and my dad is American. I still have family in Taiwan and visit almost every summer. I'm and 18 year old male - going to be 19 soon. 1) Am I even allowed to get citizenship/passport? 2) If I'm not able to get a passport or citizenship, is becoming a national an option?

My second question regards the conscription. The last time I was in Taiwan (2010) I was talking to a couple friends and they said that conscription is no longer mandatory for those born after year 81 (1992). Since I was born in 1993, I would be EXEMPT from being drafted if I decided to live in Taiwan after I graduate, correct?
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