Visiting Taiwan with Green Card, Army duty?

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Visiting Taiwan with Green Card, Army duty?

Postby topgun » 16 Sep 2004, 14:06

I was born in taiwan and left the country Taiwan at age 11, then I established my student visa F1 when I entered college at age 18. But at age 16, I went back to Taiwan for a short visit on a business treaty visa under my parents. While back in Taiwan at age 16, I established my residency at Taiwan by obtaining an ID card. Ever since then, I have not been back to Taiwan for almost 10 years. I am now 26, and I am a green card holder (just got married two months ago). I am thinking about taking a short trip (less than 4 months) back to Taiwan to visit relatives with my wife, am I going to get in trouble with the army duty? Dont really want to be serving the army during my honeymoon...

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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Postby TNT » 16 Sep 2004, 14:12

as long as you do not stay in the country more than 90 days (?) you are ok. So if you come for 4 months you got to leave Taiwan at least one time during that 4 month period. Flying to HK and back is a good option to avoid this
Anything after that and you could end up in the army.

I don't know however how they do this. Maybe they do not let you leave Taiwan.. maybe they drag you off to boot camp
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