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Will I get conscripted...??

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Re: Will I get conscripted...??

Postby Ronnicus » 24 Apr 2011, 01:45

Thanks for all the responses. I recently got my overseas chinese stamp and my ROC passport will be renewed soon.
Do you have to get your Taiwan ID card this time? And do you have to stay for 3 months?

My trip is now going to be from 6/17-8/23, with a 1 week trip to Hong Kong in the middle. I have to get my id card this trip.

My dad said that he talked to TECO, and they said that all I needed was an overseas chinese stamp (which I have now), but he's usually not very thorough and I want to make sure that's all I need. I read many posts and but I still don't completely understand my situation. Is there anything else I need to do given my current status? Thanks for all your help
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Re: Will I get conscripted...??

Postby sulavaca » 24 Apr 2011, 12:06

Ronnicus wrote:I was born in Taiwan but I moved to the US when I was only 4- I am almost 17 now. I have visited occasionally when I was young, but my last visit was in 2006. My parents say that I'm of draft age, so I'm sort of worried about returning this summer. I'm not a ROC citizen- my dad wants to get me an ID card when I return this summer (I do have a ROC passport). I'm a US citizen with a US passport. My dad says he will try to get me an overseas chinese stamp soon. If I return for 3 months or so, will I get drafted by the Taiwanese military? Please help me understand my situation; I have to attend college after high school so I cannot serve in the military for 2 years.


1. a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection ( distinguished from alien). inhabitant of a city or town, especially one entitled to its privileges or franchises. inhabitant, or denizen: The deer is a citizen of our woods.
4.a civilian, as distinguished from a soldier, police officer, etc.

1. the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work
3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit
4. work done in harsh conditions for low pay
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Has-been Pop Star (guòshí míngxīng)
Has-been Pop Star (guòshí míngxīng)
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Re: Will I get conscripted...??

Postby Ronnicus » 13 Jul 2011, 13:12

Ok, so I'm got in Taiwan no problems on 6/17. I got my ID and Health insurance; I entered on my ROC passport with overseas chinese. However, now I'm leaving on Saturday to go to Shanghai for a week. Question is what passport (taiwan or American) should I use to leave and enter? Will I be able to stay if i use my US passport when I get back to Taiwan? I'll be staying until end of August, with a 3-day trip to Hong Kong that time too.
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Posts: 6
Joined: 06 Apr 2011, 08:39

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