Which passport to use?

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Which passport to use?

Postby wwcl87 » 21 Apr 2011, 10:36

So, I will be returning to Taiwan for a month and a half for the first time, since leaving the country when I was 7 years old. I recently applied for Overseas Chinese and renewed my Taiwanese passport and I also have my Canadian passport.

Now, the question is, should I enter Taiwan with my Canadian passport? I heard it's a lot hassle free and there would be no issue with military conscription. But at the same time, from what I gather from this forum, there is still the issue with military conscription if I use my Canadian passport. Is this true? I'm just worried that if I use my Taiwanese passport, they can conscript you into the military and everyone says there will be a lot more problems if I enter with my Taiwanese passport.
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Re: Which passport to use?

Postby Chris » 21 Apr 2011, 11:35

Military conscription is being phased out here... in a couple years military service will no longer be obligatory. I don't know the details but I can hardly imagine that it's an issue that they would take so seriously anymore. Then again, it is the government we're talking about....
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