A Big Thank You

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A Big Thank You

Postby marboulette » 28 Aug 2009, 01:53

I've always regarded Forumosa as a home away from home. The joining date under my user name is a bit deceiving because I joined the site in February 2003. I'm not even sure where home is anymore after nearly 7 years in Taiwan, to say the truth. In any case, Taiwan feels a lot like home by now...

I learned a lot on this site over the years. For one, I learned to write English. I also learned a wealth of other things given that this site is composed of many different people who come from many parts of the world. I would put down a few names, but there are too many of you and I would probably neglect to mention you all. A big thank you is in order to ALL of you. So there it is.

Thank you,

Moving Toward the Light- OutofChaos

***If you're reading a post from this guy, it's because someone had a question and I knew the answer or because someone needed help and I was able to help.
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How did it get so late so soon?