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Piano Instruction — Quality Cantabile

Postby quality cantabile » 16 Jan 2012, 23:41

Quality Cantabile

Jeff, an American with B.A. in Music Education
near Shi-Da Night Market, Taipower Station Exit 3
phone: 0912-457-965 email: jaleb73 at hotmail.com

Adults or children, English or Chinese, beginner or advanced
Strengthen your English skills while learning piano.

$2000 a month at or near my place (or add $500 a month travel fee — $2500 a month)
* No travel fee for three or more students in an area
* No travel fee for Mon‒Fri mornings or afternoons
Try a morning lesson before work — available from 6 a.m. on

one hour a week, four lessons a month
(some months will have five — an extra freebie lesson)

I am Jeff, an American, and have taught American and Taiwanese piano students, children and adults, for 15 years. I can speak English or Chinese, so I can help students improve their English. Many teachers merely teach students songs, which they memorize or copy from the teacher, but I prefer that students learn how to read notes proficiently so they become independent of teacher. Though I believe classical music is the best way to accomplish this, I also encourage students to learn jazz or pop style as well. I come from a long line of teachers that go back to Beethoven and other famous pianists. Please contact me for more information,

您好,我叫傑夫。我是從美國來的,至今,不管在美國和台灣已經任教15年了。 我可以說英文和中文,所以我可以幫助您的孩子改善她的英語能力。 目前很多老師教導他們學生如何記下或是模仿老師的模式,但我比較取向我的學生能夠輕鬆、有效地看懂樂譜,好讓他們也可以自學並成為自己的老師。 雖然我認為古典音樂是達成這個效果的最好方法,,但我也鼓勵學生們學習爵士或是流行歌曲。除此之外,我的老師的老師們可追溯至貝多芬和其他有名的鋼琴家。希望有這個機會能夠教導您的孩子,如果還有任何問題,請跟我聯絡,謝謝。
quality cantabile
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