Book on Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples

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Re: Book on Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples

Postby lostinasia » 17 Dec 2011, 13:58

StevenCrook has it for US$90 (yes, ninety dollars).

Why don't these small-print-run academic books come out in Kindle format?

Careful what you wish for. Routledge often does Kindle editions of these kinds of books. For example: ... B0053D6FGW
Hardcover: $148. Kindle: $112 (no, that's not a typo: one hundred and twelve). The budget rental price: $51.41. Absurd, and infuriating - Routledge has got plenty of academic titles that I'd happily buy if they were in the $10-15 range, but at $112, is ANYONE buying them? Heck, at that price I don't even order it for my university library, because I feel guilty about asking them to spend that kind of money.
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Re: Book on Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples

Postby Taffy » 23 Dec 2011, 12:46

One more for you:

The Puyuma: From Headhunting to the Modern World
Josiane Cauquelin
ISBN: 0-415-31413-5
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