Where are Dairin and Fumpo (Sun Moon Lake)?

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Where are Dairin and Fumpo (Sun Moon Lake)?

Postby Zla'od » 28 Dec 2011, 22:50

These are Japanese-era names. What are they called today? I think Fumpo must be the same (or close to) Shuishe. Is Dairin the Japanese name for Ita Thao?
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Re: Where are Dairin and Fumpo (Sun Moon Lake)?

Postby tommy525 » 28 Dec 2011, 23:55

You learn something new everyday. I thought they was cartoon characters . :cool:
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Re: Where are Dairin and Fumpo (Sun Moon Lake)?

Postby cranky laowai » 28 Dec 2011, 23:58

Wikipedia has useful pages on Japanese-era names for much of Taiwan (see links in this section) -- but not for Nantou. And I looked on a few maps from then but didn't see either place. Maybe just try some more maps.
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Re: Where are Dairin and Fumpo (Sun Moon Lake)?

Postby Chris » 29 Dec 2011, 15:17

Zla'od wrote:Is Dairin the Japanese name for Ita Thao?

Dunno, but "ita thao" means "we people" in Thao. ("ita" being cognate to Indonesian "kita")
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