Taipei weather during 9-11

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Taipei weather during 9-11

Postby Zla'od » 30 Mar 2012, 10:55

Question: what was Taipei's weather like on September 11, 2001 (i.e. 9-11)? I remember it being sunny, but was there a typhoon or something? (No, this has no bearing on the actual attacks.)
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Re: Taipei weather during 9-11

Postby cranky laowai » 30 Mar 2012, 11:49

The historical data for individual dates don't go back quite that far on the Central Weather Bureau's site. You might check the archives of the newspapers.

FWIW, I don't remember a typhoon around then.

Also, keep in mind that the events in the United States happened in the morning there (our evening).
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Re: Taipei weather during 9-11

Postby Icon » 30 Mar 2012, 13:52

If you are asking about Nari, no, it had not hit yet. It was a clear, hot night. I remember because I was enjoying the air conditioning at the Internet cafe/game parlor downstairs from my then humble, AC and TV-less abode on Xindian's main street when I saw the news that a plane had hit the WTC. Then went across the street to my friend's place to see the second one hit the other tower on TV -they had cable. No rain, no wind in Taipei yet.

One of our friend's used both 911 and Nari as excuses to stay longer after his visa expired, as there were no flights/there was a bottleneck afterwards/chaos after both. But that was almost October.
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Re: Taipei weather during 9-11

Postby TheGingerMan » 30 Mar 2012, 21:33

I agree with Icon's recall of the weather that night. I had just got home from work dreaming of an ice cold shower, when a friend called and told me to turn on the telly.
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