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Kano - A movie about the origin of Taiwanese seeking identity through baseball

Moderator: hansioux

Re: Kano - A movie about the origin of Taiwanese seeking identity through baseball

Postby hansioux » 31 Jan 2015, 15:50 ... /31/023051

This Japanese review talked about how real the baseball feels in Kano, and compared the era piece with 42, the movie about Jackie Robinson. The critic says baseball movies sometimes are treated like an action flick, where the acting and baseball feel disconnected. The critic seems to be pondering why Japan didn't make a baseball movie like this. But that could just be me missing all the ない due to my poor Japanese skills.

It also talked about Japanese' tendencies to avoid discussing tough issues of ethnicity and discrimination in the past. Aside from Kano, there are many famous Japanese players that deserve a movie like 42 or Kano. The critic named a few, only one was of another ethnicity to my knowledge:

Victor Starffin (スタルヒン) - Russian

I think the critic missed out several other important players in Japanese history, such as

Isao Harimoto (張本勲) - Korean

and someone really really need to make a movie about Adelano Rivera, who played as a Tokyo Giant along Victor Starffin and Go Shosei (Taiwanese, a KANO alumni). Rivera is Filipino, and hit the first grand slam in Giants' history. Rivera was killed by IJA soldiers in Manila during WW2.
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