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Wikipedia on aboriginal's abortions during Dutch Formosa

Moderator: hansioux

Re: Wikipedia on aboriginal's abortions during Dutch Formosa

Postby hansioux » 05 Jan 2015, 11:31

Confuzius wrote:Paiwan used to kill twins...well, one of them. They thought it was a bad omen.

Paiwan, Amis, Atayal and many others would do this, Puyuma would kill both. Many Aboriginals cultures thought giving birth to multiple children at once as something that should only happen to animals, and therefore saw it as a punishment from gods to have a woman do the same.

So did Han Chinese actually. ... 88243.html


The authenticity of Tsinghua Bamboo Slips has been confirm in recent years, in which one records says during Shang dynasty, there was a kingdom named Shi (失), a king of Shi named Shi Zhong (失仲) had twin boys, which was referred to as two piggies. Shi Zhong had his priest ask the god through oracle bone plastromancy to see if he should kill the twins. The result was not to kill them is favorable. Shi Zhong disobeyed the god's will and killed one of them anyway. When the king of Ying (Shang dynasty) sent Fu Shou (傅說 aka 侯雀) to invade Shi with heaven's mandate, the surviving son of Shi Zhong fled without a fight and was captured by Fu Shou.

In officially documented history, there are very few mentions of twins, of those mentioned, none were significant figures, especially not heirs to the throne. But there are signs that some famous people were twins.

The most famous Tang dynasty emperor Li Shi-min (李世民) and his brother of the same mother Li Yuan-ba (李元霸) were both born in the same year. While it is likely that their mother simply gave birth to one at the beginning of 599, and the other at the end of that year, when the historians made up "signs of heaven's mandate at birth" for Li Shi-min, they wrote:

When Li Shi-min was born, there were two dragons playing outside the gate for 3 days.

It is odd that it specifically said two dragons. It would make a lot of sense if Li Shi-min and Li Yuan-ba are twins and were born together.

Another heir to throne was Empress Wu Jie-tian's (武則天) son, Li Hsian (李賢), and the daught she choked to death.


Even though the empress' had lost favor, emperor Gao-zhong did not want to stripe away her title yet. When Wu Jie-tian gave birth to a daughter, the empress came and played with her. After the empress left, Wu Jie-tian sneaked backed in and chocked the baby girl to death, then covered her with the blanket. When the emperor arrived, Wu Jie-tian faked her smiles, and opened the covered and feigned surprise upon seeing her daughter's death. She howled and demanded the servants to answer for what had happened. The servants replied the empress was the last one here. The emperor was furious and said "how dare the empress kill my daughter!". Wu Jie-tian cried and asked for the empress to be punished. The empress had no way to deny her involvement, and the emperor started thinking about stripping away her title.

Well, in this case the twin girl was killed due to Wu Jie-tian's evil plot, and not because of some superstition... Wu Jie-tian went on to kill the boy of the non-identical twin when he was 30 years old to secure her position.
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