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Cannon/gun worship

Moderator: hansioux

Cannon/gun worship

Postby hansioux » 22 Jan 2015, 13:23


According to the Dutch record De Dagregisters van het Kasteel Zeelandia (Daily Registers from Castle Zeelandia, The Zeelandia Diaries), which documented VOC activities from 1629 to 1662, Koxinga's army treated several foreign guns on board warships as deities. The translated version of The Zeelandia Diaries:


Koxinga had two special junks which were each equipped with 2 imported cannons. They were worship as gods. We would encounter both these vessel every time we engaged Koxinga's forced at sea. However, those cannons never fired even once in all those engagements. This made the sailors of the koxinga fleet very sad, because every time they through lots (pua-pue) to ask for the gods permission to fire the cannons, but the result was a no every single time.

According to the same documents, sans these 4 import cannons, which lobbed cannon balls over 30lb, there were no other cannons capable to dealing damages to the Dutch fleet. Most cannons in Koxinga's fleet lobbed 4lb cannon balls, which simply bounced off the hull of Dutch vessels.

If Koxinga sailors didn't have that ridiculous superstition regarding their primary weapons, it was possible that they could have forced the Dutch to capitulate a lot earlier.

Is there other similar kind of cannon/gun worship around the world?
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Re: Cannon/gun worship

Postby Tempo Gain » 22 Jan 2015, 13:41

I don't know, but I'm reminded of cargo cults

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