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Japanese (wartime) military tunnels under Taipei

Moderator: hansioux

Japanese (wartime) military tunnels under Taipei

Postby Dangermouse » 19 Mar 2007, 02:14

Quite interesting.

Whilst doing some urban exploration a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an abandoned military outpost on the outskirts of central Taipei.
Apart from being the usual time capsule (ammo boxes; bits of uniform - hats etc),
I found a hatch which was rusted shut and seemed not to have been opened for years.

After opening the hatch and fighting off sinister cobwebs with a stick, I dropped down through the hatch onto some steps into what I thought was a cellar.
However, it was something far more unusual: an expanse of forgotten tunnels.

These tunnels go on for ages and still haven't been fully explored by myself. They go deep under streets and seem to go, from what I can work out, under a "famous" night market in Taipei. There are a few Japanese inscriptions on the walls written in chalk, plus some interesting artifacts.

I don't particularly want to inform people of the location on a forum as it is a good secret. This is something interesting and forgotten to society and should be left that way.

However, I did take a few pictures. Here's a couple:


KTV Is My Life (jiùshì ài chàng KTV)
KTV Is My Life (jiùshì ài chàng KTV)
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Postby jdsmith » 19 Mar 2007, 07:25

Shall we use it as headquarters in the fight to overthrow the government?

That's some wild shit DM. You gonna give tours? My son and I would love it down there, and we'd get some LED lamps to attach to our heads.

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Postby canucktyuktuk » 19 Mar 2007, 09:52

Wow! That's so cool!
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
Betelnut Beauty (bīnglang Xī Shī)
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Postby almas john » 19 Mar 2007, 10:09

Exploring underground tunnels? I'd be worried about Doctor Evil having a Nam flashback and blowing the shit out of the "Gooks" and the tunnels.
almas john
Former City Mayor (qiánrèn shìzhǎng)
Former City Mayor (qiánrèn shìzhǎng)
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Postby Lord Lucan » 19 Mar 2007, 10:10

Very cool. I wish I was in Taipei so I could go and have a nosey around. Do post more pictures!
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Lord Lucan
Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
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Postby Chris » 19 Mar 2007, 10:24

I don't blame you for wanting to keep it secret. Unspoiled, pristine historical sites are a rare treasure.
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Guan Yin (Guānyīn)
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Postby TainanCowboy » 19 Mar 2007, 10:35

I have had some old guys, well 1 old guy and a native mountain guy down further south who was in his 60's, tell me that there are a lot of these around the island.
I think the Taiwan Army did a mapping of them, well at least to the entrance to a lot of them, back in the early 60's. Now as to where those maps are is anyones guess.
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Postby Poagao » 19 Mar 2007, 10:44

Ah, man, could really have used these for the movie. Oh, well. Maybe the next one. I'd still like to go take a look, though. PM me with the location?
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"Drinks for the House!"
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Postby Kahna » 19 Mar 2007, 10:50

TainanCowboy wrote:Now as to where those maps are is anyones guess.

Found one! Pretty extensive network, it seems.

Aha. Aha. Aha. Sorryi'lljustbeoffthen :roll:
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High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Postby Belgian Pie » 19 Mar 2007, 11:06

Cool, until they catch you and put behind bars for trespassing ... military bases or off limits even when abandoned ...
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Belgian Pie
Maitreya Buddha (Mílèfó)
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