Beautiful Hehuan Mountain time lapse video

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Re: Beautiful Hehuan Mountain time lapse video

Postby Super Hans » 09 Feb 2012, 12:18

ha...neat picture.
The bones got the wrong detail I hoped it would have for you
Safe for a shin bone or even a hand
It's such a lonely ride...
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Re: Beautiful Hehuan Mountain time lapse video

Postby sandman » 09 Feb 2012, 12:28

Muzha Man wrote:This was a good on on the ridge to Nanhudashan. Every 50m there was a new one:

Brocken Spectre by Muzha Man, on Flickr

Stunning! We used to be elated if we were lucky enough to see one in the Scottish mountains. Pretty unusual there, but not unheard of. Can't remember ever seeing one personally.
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