The tree of life ad - not the movie, but a true story

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The tree of life ad - not the movie, but a true story

Postby Icon » 02 Mar 2012, 10:38

Very interesting, allegedly based on a true story. After 921, a man's life saved by nature. He's grateful, he wants to give something back. "Trees speak, can't you hear them?", he asks. Ad director is from Thailand.

Long version:

News here: ... 2007:52:06
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Re: The tree of life ad

Postby Lili » 03 Mar 2012, 03:23

So... there is a Tree of Life Chinese version too?
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Re: The tree of life ad

Postby Taigottawanna » 03 Mar 2012, 07:33

I saw the long version the other day. At first I wasn't sure it was a commercial, since it was so long and it wasn't obvious what product it was selling. Ironic it turned out to be a commercial for a bank. I mean, don't they approve loans for development projects that often necessitate the bulldozing of vast swaths of nature to make way for concrete?
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