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Mayday's 《Cheers》 MV

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Mayday's 《Cheers》 MV

Postby okbun » 17 Apr 2012, 02:50

Lyrics with English translation(I found it over the internet)

Will it be? Someday Time really go backwards
Back to the leisurely years you and I can't do
Perhaps. Someday. World really has the end
Still raise the memories-brewed sweet with you
Cheers again with you

If want me to choose the picture symbolizing youth
Emerge that tear drop, that blue sky, that graduation year
That not only weeping, laughing and also embracing is your face
In retrospect, so cute and pitiful, heroic and moving, but memorable

Missing always suddenly miss, without negotiation
When memories break through the test paper, run out the years,
present in front of me
You and I flow the sweat, sip the soft drinks beside the playground
Reach an agreement; however, go to the future world together

Now is that future, that world
Why your side, my side, aren't on the same side
Friendship used to be like Noah's Ark; a firm oath
But I'm just looking at the sea, waiting for eternity, blurring the line of sight

These years bought cars, bought watches, bought monoculars
But realized those can't catch, can't stop are still the same
Life only can be accepted, just fate, cannot but have hangovers
Only left high laughing point, low crying point, but no maturity

Maturity is a shattered fantasy, is training
Why only dreams are smaller and smaller till disappear
Sometimes want to cry, want to cry, but no tears
Expect will you, will he, will hold an reunion

He is waiting for you, you are waiting for me, I am waiting for who
And whose children don't sleep, phone is no battery, mood is not ready
The sky continuously becomes black then bright then dark
That time flied, is not the same. I'm no longer have strength to chase

Eventually. One day. We all become to yesterday
It's you accompanying with me through the hasty life

The day is today
Today is that day
To say thanks I never told you
Cheers again with you
Then cheers for eternity
Drink it will be able to long live
Year after year, year after year

Time already stopped, they already came back
Memorable people are waiting for you
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