Baby Cockroaches

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Baby Cockroaches

Postby Nuit » 30 Apr 2012, 23:41

Vid is a bit long, but if you ffwd through it, you'll get the idea.
Aw, aren't they so cute?
And so many of them!

At 8.50' mum (that is mum, right?) starts to excrete some green mucus stuff that they all go wild for.
It's raining again here. I'm rising up like a beautiful bubble to the surface.

A wicked wind whips up the hill, a handful of hopeful words.
I was what you would call seriously strung out.
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Re: Baby Cockroaches

Postby kaikai34 » 01 May 2012, 01:14

Holy shit, that was disgusting. That's not how they do it here though. The ones here hatch out of an egg that looks just like a red bean. That's why I never have the red bean soup. You never know if a pregnant roach got into their batch. I think about 12 little black itty bitty roaches hatch from an egg.
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