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How Chinese characters confirm Genesis & bible(?) stories

Re: How Chinese characters confirm Genesis & bible(?) stories

Postby Confuzius » 29 Nov 2011, 12:28

irishstu wrote:Firstly, my apologies if this has already been discussed, and if it has, a link to the thread would be appreciated.

A very good (Christian) friend of mine sent me this link and asked me to check it out. He's curious to know if the Chinese character aspect of it is just a load of rubbish, or if it does have some substance. I'm curious what those of you who understand the etymology of Chinese characters better that I do think about it.

Thanks ... r_embedded


:fume: LOAD OF CRAP :fume:

OK, JUST from the Hebrew actually, the verse he quotes at 1:46 from Genesis 2:7 where he asks "who has this secret "person" since it was not adam", is a load of shit, for in the Hebrew it says haADAM האדם(the the man, ie adam) so thats point one.

Now onto Chinese: at 2:30 he uses the character for demon/ghost gui, 鬼 as proof for the "secret alive person" (who in Hebrew is Adam btw) as a reference to the snake being the devil. The notion that the snake was the devil is a MUCH later Christian interpretation of the biblical story. Ancient Jewish writers did not say this and even Medieval Jewish commentators (who were making up stuff just as much as the Christians were) quote this interpretation and chuck it out the window.

According to the story in genesis, Snake in garden does NOT equal devil...the snake was this weirdass creature, but not the devil.

So far this guy is wrong on all accounts, I can't keep watching this it is so idiotic. If anyone wants to tear apart the rest of it that would be fun!
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Combat Zone Mama-san (zhànqū māma sāng)
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