Bless You on Easter

Re: Bless You on Easter

Postby Fortigurn » 28 Apr 2011, 10:24

I have temped two more posts. Vorkosigan yours was temped for deliberate provocation and breach of the guidelines which you quoted. In future I will not temp illegitimate posts from you, I will simply flame them. I am holding you to a higher standard on account of your claims to erudition (including statements such as 'I already know how to tell what's original and what's not in Mark, so yes, in that sense, I do have something no other exegete has'). housecat, yours was only temped because it quoted Vorkosigan's.

I am closing this thread to save the trolls from their lack of self-control.
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一閃一閃亮晶晶晶晶 我的項鍊到底在哪裡 滿天都是小星星星星 我要瞬間變成大明星!
一閃一閃眨眨眼眼眼 氣球飛來飛去的樂園 比太陽還耀眼眼眼眼 鑽石都讓到一邊!
我就是shining shining 大小姐 快大聲喊一遍! 我就是shining shining 大小姐 加滿元氣衝上天!
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