Custom frames for tall people

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Custom frames for tall people

Postby cto » 28 Sep 2011, 12:01

Hello everyone,

So I've been around to a few bike shops and as suspected they don't carry large steel (or any material) road bike frames.
I'm 6'7 (200 cm), so even buying a stock frame in the US would be difficult. One store I visited, the guy suggested getting a custom frame made and said he could probably get it made and built-up using 105 level components for 30,000-40,000 nt.

That is a tad bit higher than I was looking to spend, but I'm thinking there's probably someone who could do it a little cheaper considering that most bike frames are made in Taiwan.

So does anyone know of a steel road bike frame maker, preferably in Taipei (although I'm willing to travel) and English speaking?

I read there was one south of NTU on the east side of Roosevelt road. I'll look for him later this week, but if anyone has the address that would help.


After browsing Google maps, I think I found the shop that was mentioned south of NTU.
Around: No. 53, Section 5, Luósīfú Rd, Wunshan District
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