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New bike shop in Kaohsiung

Taiwan is a cyclist's paradise, and here's the place to share your experiences, questions, and pictures!

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New bike shop in Kaohsiung

Postby vmajor » 18 Jan 2011, 16:41

Hi all,

Our bike shop is opening on the 23rd of January. This is the real opening, as opposed to the box strewn "not really open, but you can come in if you must" state it was in last year.

The Shop: Velocite Bike Shop
Address: No 73 Tiansiang 2nd Rd, Zuoying District 813
Map: Velocite Smile Park Bike Shop
Opening hours:
Tues - Fri 13:30 - 21:00
Sat - Sun 10:00 - 19:00
Facebook page (Chinese): Velocite Smile Park

During the opening month, ie. from 23rd of January to 20th of February we will have store wide 15% discount on listed prices (except on the already discounted 2010 bike range)

As the shop name states, the bike brand that we will sell is Velocite, some forum members have experience with Velocite bikes and you can find out more using Google. I have been asked by the moderators not to turn this thread into a Velocite commercial, so I will stop now :-)

We also carry the following brands: Carnac, Catlike (yes we even have the Whisper Plus in stock), Knog, Birzman, Continental, Fulcrum, SRAM, FSA, Prologo, Wintec, and many others.

We can also order several bike brands and types that are not represented in our range. We can order just about any component or accessory that you want even if you do not see it in the shop - which is likely until we figure out the optimal range of items that we need to keep.

We will offer full bike assembly and maintenance services.

Fena, our shop manager speaks adequate English and if you need to explain something particularly involving, you can ask for Victor (me) and I will try to help. Fena's main skills are with bikes and riding. He is a former Merida Taiwan team rider and will be able to assist anyone from beginners to enthusiasts with good advice. We will also have regular shop rides, mostly on road, but with some off-road action if there is interest.

The focus of our shop is road and XC mountain bikes. We can help with DJ, and diverse MTB needs, but will not carry much stock. In Kaohsiung there just isn't sufficient DJ and actual, off road MTB scene yet (even less now since Rob went to Zhongli...).

Our shop (and company) philosophy is to work with the customer to understand their needs, rather than just sell a product. Thus we will do our best to explain why and how some products are better suited for the intended purpose than others.

Our product range focus is aimed at the higher quality end of the spectrum since in Kaohsiung there are plenty of shops catering to the customers seeking the lowest priced products. Having said that, we carefully selected our product range to offer higher tangible value, rather than just higher price.

We look forward to your visit (no, I am not going to write "We look forward to your coming" as is almost obligatory in Taiwan, that is just wrong.)

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Re: New bike shop in Kaohsiung

Postby jaame » 22 Jan 2011, 09:54

Who is Rob?

I live near Zhongli and I'm always keen to hook up with other people who like messing about on bikes.

My wife's sister saw a foreigner doing bike tricks in a park in central Zhongli last week... could that be Rob?

Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the thread!

I wish you much success with the fantastic bike shop! Is it near the Zuoying HSR station?
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Fried Chicken-Parts Vendor (yán sū jī xiǎofàn)
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Re: New bike shop in Kaohsiung

Postby vmajor » 23 Jan 2011, 19:03

This Rob:!/profile.php?id=1251816415

He now works at Banshee Bikes. The DH/extreme MTB crowd (Ryan, Lance (3rd place at the "Gold Mountain" Urban DH), Stein (4th), Ceri) are all connected to Pacific Bikes factory...Ceri works with us though.

Here is Rob's write up for Pink Bike: ... -2011.html

The shop opening went well. Had some crowds too which is a crowded kind of way. We are about 10 min cab/scooter ride from the Zuoying HSR station...or an actually pleasant 45 min walk - I did this only once mind you.

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Re: New bike shop in Kaohsiung

Postby thecoon » 18 Jan 2012, 01:44

Hi Victor,
Do you know if the new bike shop has weekly group rides?

Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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