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Clearing the decks to prepare for the Big Move? Yard sales, garage sales, clearance sales - post them all here.
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Re: moving - really good prices!

Postby Icon » 22 Feb 2012, 16:17

female wrote:Hi Guys, if you're still interested in any of the above, please PM me or I may not see your request in time. Thanks

New Taipei City is very big. It is not the same if you live in Danshui or Xindian, please be more specific. People are truly interested, but location is a must, remember transportation adds to the price.

Muchas gracias.
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Re: moving - updated

Postby female » 23 Feb 2012, 21:23

We live in Sanchung (Sanchong), but am willing to meet at MRTs if it is convenient
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