Cheated by 30 TWD "transfer fee"

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Re: Cheated by 30 TWD "transfer fee"

Postby TainanCowboy » 03 Apr 2012, 08:50

Engerim -

Two (2) simple solutions - You chose:

1. Raise your price by NT$500. Keep them as a client.

2. Next time, suggest that they can avoid the "problem" of taxes and transfer fees by simply giving you a nice red envelope,
containing NT$3500, when you turn in your invoice. Simple, quick and no "problems" to worry about.

Don't sell yourself too cheap and always get the money.
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Re: Cheated by 30 TWD "transfer fee"

Postby engerim » 03 Apr 2012, 09:21

they payed the remainder this morning. jimi you can keep your 30 TWD. :lol:
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Re: Cheated by 30 TWD "transfer fee"

Postby the bear » 03 Apr 2012, 15:08

engerim wrote:they payed the remainder this morning. jimi you can keep your 30 TWD. :lol:

Go ape-shit crazy and buy a can of coke with 30 straws...we need to celebrate this victory.
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