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Postby Taiwan Luthiers » 24 Apr 2012, 10:44

I agree with the previous posters that people get 22k working 10 hours a day are getting their worth, because most likely they'll keep the status quo by working very slowly, spending most of their time chatting or wasting time, and when it comes time to work they just copy and paste stuff. Those who demonstrate that they're worth more (like working efficiently) won't get 22k a month for long.

If you're really good at programming and can prove it, I believe software companies would be interested here as crap engineers are a dime a dozen.

Knowing Chinese would not help you as a programmer as the entire system is in English, and programmers are expected to be able to write them well.

Simplified Chinese is a communist perversion designed to improve literacy, the only reason they are the "standard" is because of China's economic clout. Traditional Chinese is the real Chinese passed down through thousands of years of Chinese history. I doubt PRC cared much about Chinese culture and heritage because the cultural revolution was designed to erase every aspect of that and replace it with "government approved" culture.
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