Speakers needed for a discussion panel on working in Taiwan

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Speakers needed for a discussion panel on working in Taiwan

Postby Xchange » 15 Apr 2012, 11:39

Hello all 'Forumosans'!

We are a group of exchange students asking you to help share information on the ups and downs of working in a different culture.

As a part of a school project for a Global Leadership class in National Chengchi University, we are hosting a discussion panel with the topic of 'What to expect as an expat?".

We would love to get the users of Forumosa to share their experiences of working life in Taiwan!

The actual event will consist of:
- 4-5 speakers preferably from different nationalities
- 10-15 min introduction speech per speaker about their personal backgrounds and/or the company they're employed in
- after the introduction, ~45 minutes panel discussion hosted by us continued with questions from audience
- the questions for hosted part will be prepared by us and delivered to speakers before the event

The event will be held in the facilities of NCCU (Taipei) on 29th of May from 4pm to 7pm. (If the date or time-slot seems difficult for speakers, it can be adjusted according to requests)

As many of us exchange students are considering a career abroad, it would be most useful for us to hear experiences from you. Regardless of the field you're working on, we would like to hear about the different situations you've encountered in work or in everyday life during your stay in Taiwan.

If you would be interested in sharing your knowledge, please PM us your contact information and we will get back to you with more information about the arrangements.

Thank you very much!

Global Leadership Group
NCCU Exchange Students
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