Changing Jobs...and Risk

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Changing Jobs...and Risk

Postby julian tarcisius » 24 Apr 2012, 17:51

I'm currently working as labor coordinator and having a salary of NT$ 30,000 a the standards of CLA, we are blue collar since our salary didn't reach the prescribed salary but in the eyes of the Immigration, we are white collar since we enter the country through Economic Visa and our ARC is of multiple re-entry. Now, a company wants to hire me to take chare of their international market (the company doesn't have any foreign employee)
question, am i eligible to change my job? do I have to leave taiwan first? which documents do I have to prepare? can i apply visa in Hong kong if I have to leave? (btw, I am a Philippine passport holder but have a Master's diploma here in Taiwan)

thanks so much!

julian tarcisius
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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