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Best Brunch of 2011

Help us recognize the best restaurants, bars, and pubs in Taiwan. Place your vote in each poll before 1 Jan 2012

Moderator: citizen k

Forum rules
Please post requests for new categories in the Best of 2011 polls in this thread - over here. Please include at least three poll options to get it started. We will review it and decide whether to include it asap

The best brunch is at?

Poll ended at 01 Jan 2012, 17:13

Goethe Gourmet Gasthaus
No votes
Gordon Biersch
No votes
The Diner
No votes
Other (please post name)
Total votes : 11

Best Brunch of 2011

Postby elektronisk » 25 Nov 2011, 17:13

If you chose "Other" please be sure to post the name and I will count them manually for the final poll results. If no name is posted/given/pm'd for "Other" the vote will not count.

You can change your vote anytime until January 1, 2012.

"Other" so far includes:
. 向 Hsiang The Brunch
. Second Floor Café

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Lost Winning Lotto Ticket (zhòngjiǎng cǎiquàn nòngdiū le)
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Re: Best Brunch of 2011

Postby rosarot » 29 Nov 2011, 23:44

I voted other: 向 The Brunch
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English Teacher with Headband (bǎng tóujīn de Yīngwén lǎoshī)
English Teacher with Headband (bǎng tóujīn de Yīngwén lǎoshī)
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Re: Best Brunch of 2011

Postby heimuoshu » 08 Dec 2011, 10:53

2nd floor
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Re: Best Brunch of 2011

Postby tango42 » 08 Dec 2011, 11:22

Those aren't brunches. Those are breakfasts served during the day. Carnegies breakfast sucks and hinges on almost disgusting with all the oil, butter, frozen fake hash browns from a box, cheap fatty meats... but their eggs are good and coffee is good and goes on and on.

Just to throw out a few real brunches.

Formosa Regent
Far Eastern
Palais de Chine

And other great tasting breakfasts of good quality of the top of my mind. Granted, they are not top places for the hangover crowd as most people at these places aren't suffering from alcohol absortion after affects.
Omelet to Go
2nd Floor
Posh (multiple locations)

And Grandma Nittis is always a goto place.

If Taipei would just get a champagne brunch, like every other somewhat metropolitian city in Asia, then life would be closer to complete.
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Time to Marry a Local (gāi qǔ tái wān lǎo pó jià tái wān lǎo gōng liǎo)
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