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DISCUSSION FROM: Free & Anonymous HIV rapid test for Gay male

A forum for discussing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender-related issues, both specific to Taiwan and in general. This forum welcomes people of all sexual orientations to participate and share their opinions and experiences in a mature and safe environment.

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Re: Free & Anonymous HIV rapid test for Gay male

Postby darienpeak » 30 May 2012, 00:02

John wrote:All these complaints about having to pay if you are not gay. :loco:
Damn, it is only NT500, it won't break the bank.
Does anyone actually appreciate the fact that there is a completely anonymous, NON government, service where you can get an instant, reliable anonymous HIV test, and that this service actually bothered to find us and post their info on our little website? :2cents:

Exactly. They are taking a "public health" attitude and trying to seek out an at-risk population using all means available to them. Good for them. It sounds like the mandate of their organization is based on the idea that gay men, specifically, are at special increased risk for HIV. This is the population they are trying to get. They will do whatever it takes to get as much of that population as they can to actually show up for a test. Part of this is making the test free, perhaps part is making the target population clear to the rest of the public to make the waiting room one an older closeted married guy is slightly more likely to enter.

Not to split hairs -- in this case I think it's important -- but many other posters have gone on about whether the test is confidential or not, or whether the test administrators can be trusted with their personal information. In response, the OP has repeatedly stated that the test is ANONYMOUS, which is an entire head & shoulders step above confidential in terms of privacy. That is, in an anonymous test, the organization deliberately collects so little information about you that you CANNOT be identified. That way, they are not put in a position where they must report you to the authorities; they simply do not because they cannot. It shifts some responsibility onto the person being tested to hold onto an ID code to get a result, but it sounds like this is a quick test, and therefore unlikely to be a big issue.
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Mastered ordering "beer" in Chinese (jīngtōng le yòng Guóyǔ shuō "píjiǔ")
Mastered ordering "beer" in Chinese (jīngtōng le yòng Guóyǔ shuō "píjiǔ")
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Re: DISCUSSION FROM: Free & Anonymous HIV rapid test for Gay male

Postby anotherlaowai » 17 Oct 2012, 21:45

Many weird hostile responses to this thread, based around the idea that its unfair that only gays get the test for free,
and how do you decide if someone is gay or not?

I think the reason they do it this way is that they have limited resources, and gays are a much higher risk group.

As for whether you're gay or not, I think most people could decide that themselves.
I think its a lot more reliable than any other method...
just ask yourself a simple question: "Have you had sex with another man?"
Maybe you're not "gay" per se, but you do fall in the category of "men who have sex with men",
so you're in the at-risk group.
Mastered ordering "beer" in Chinese (jīngtōng le yòng Guóyǔ shuō "píjiǔ")
Mastered ordering "beer" in Chinese (jīngtōng le yòng Guóyǔ shuō "píjiǔ")
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