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Living Together No Longer a Sex Crime

A forum for discussing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender-related issues, both specific to Taiwan and in general. This forum welcomes people of all sexual orientations to participate and share their opinions and experiences in a mature and safe environment.

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Living Together No Longer a Sex Crime

Postby sjcma » 10 Feb 2007, 15:18

N.D. Senate OKs Cohabitation Law Change

BISMARCK, N.D. -- Living together out of wedlock would be downgraded from a sex crime to fraud, and then only if the couple claims to be married, under a proposal that passed the state Senate on Friday.

I can only assume that North Dakota does not allow gay marriages. If so, the old law was discriminatory towards heterosexuals as homosexuals could certainly live together out of wedlock and would not have committed a sex crime. Imagine that, homosexuals having more rights in ND than heterosexuals. Unless, of course, it's a sex crime to be gay in North Dakota. :idunno:

Anyways, bravo ND for joining the 21st century...sorta.
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Second Landlord (èr fáng dōng)
Second Landlord (èr fáng dōng)
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Postby SuchAFob » 10 Feb 2007, 15:21

Oh shit. Them heathens gittin away with that shit now.
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Overpaid Foreign Athlete (duō fù xīn shuǐ guò gāo de wài jí yùn dòng yuán)
Overpaid Foreign Athlete (duō fù xīn shuǐ guò gāo de wài jí yùn dòng yuán)
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Postby Lord Lucan » 12 Feb 2007, 15:14

Is it legal to have sex with a toaster in North Dakota?
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Lord Lucan
Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
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Postby Buttercup » 12 Feb 2007, 17:22

Lord Lucan wrote:Is it legal to have sex with a toaster in North Dakota?

Only orral secks.
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