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Where can I meet lesbians in Gaoxiong?

A forum for discussing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender-related issues, both specific to Taiwan and in general. This forum welcomes people of all sexual orientations to participate and share their opinions and experiences in a mature and safe environment.

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Where can I meet lesbians in Gaoxiong?

Postby biodiver » 14 Mar 2003, 18:19

I'm a 23 year old Canadian lesbian about to move to Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong). Can anyone offer advice on clubs, restaurants, communities where I may find other lesbians? Also, if someone else is in the same situation...lesbian or gay...please respond!


Postby biodiver » 15 Mar 2003, 12:28

Yes I am going to be doing the teaching english thing. Do you know the name of any bars or can you give me an idea of where to head to? I don't know Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong) at all, nor do I know any chinese....yet (chinese lessons as soon as I get settled)


found one!

Postby biodiver » 24 Mar 2003, 19:50

Step 1...completed! I found a small pub off Wufu-4 in Kaohsiung. It's called 65 and you can find it by turning off Wufu-4 around 65 address. Hope that made sense. It's a small pub run by a foreigner and his Taiwanese boyfriend. Good food! They sell steaks you can bbq and have amazing chili. Beer is reasonably priced and on fri and sat nights from 9 to midnight....all you can drink for $299NT! My kind of place! Thursday night is ladies night. I went there tonight and just chatted with the owner....I'll check it out this weekend to see how busy it gets. From what I'm told the crowd is totally mixed. Alot of english teachers, some locals, straight and gay.

Anybody wanting to know more, let me know!

Re: Where can I meet lesbians in Gaoxiong?

Postby starfish212 » 23 Aug 2010, 23:28

Any other/new leads on this?!
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Joined: 12 Aug 2010, 21:35

Re: Where can I meet lesbians in Gaoxiong?

Postby John » 08 Dec 2011, 21:47

Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
Chinese Class Dropout (Zhōngwén kè zhōngchuòshēng)
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In Taiwan since: 08 Nov 1999

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