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brazilia jiujitsu club Taiwan

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brazilia jiujitsu club Taiwan

Postby warren » 10 Jul 2003, 19:49

Bored of the same weeknight events, going to pubs and clubs, doing the same thing each and every night? Or do you have any jiu-jitsu or grappling experience and would like to continue training or learn?in Currently there are clubs north, center, and south... email me at

Postby coruja » 13 Jul 2003, 03:45

Why is it called brazilia? Are you brazilian?

Postby miltownkid » 13 Jul 2003, 05:57

coruja wrote:Why is it called brazilia? Are you brazilian?

I think it's kind of the same reason some people say Chinese gongfu, Italian cooking, or something like that. When someone says they do Brazilian jujitsu I instantly think of the Graices. And as soon as I think of the Gracies I think of Rickson. If you've ever seen Rickson fight (which I'm assuming you must have) and you practiced the same "Brazilian" style jutjitsu, I bet you would call it Brazilian jujitsu too (to keep it separate from the other styles of jujitsu).

If you're reffering to why they wrote brazilia instead of Brazilian, I can only assume it to be a spelling mistake (those happen all the time).
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