Hike guides for Hiking O Holy Ridge

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Hike guides for Hiking O Holy Ridge

Postby Mango » 04 Feb 2012, 08:52

Where can I find and how much? I am an inexperienced hiker
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Re: Hike guides for Hiking O Holy Ridge

Postby Cunninlinguist » 04 Feb 2012, 09:24

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Re: Hike guides for Hiking O Holy Ridge

Postby Mucha Man » 04 Feb 2012, 13:02

Mango wrote:Where can I find and how much? I am an inexperienced hiker

If you are inexperienced this really isn't a hike to get more experience on. I can recommend many others for you.

Also, to get a sense of what you may encounter, hike the lower ridge walks around Taipei: Huang Didian, Wuliao Jian, Fengtou Jian and see how you like it. Remember you will be above 3000m on the Holy Ridge and days from any outlet.
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