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where can I find: Z&L visa info for foreigners in TW?

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where can I find: Z&L visa info for foreigners in TW?

Postby Craig0928 » 28 May 2012, 17:04

Hello, I originally put below post in 'greater forumosa' forum, but got no replies... As it is also a 'where can I find info' subject [as it applies specifically to foreigners currently still living in tw, rather than anywhere else], would you mind if I put it here for a while until I can get some sort of start... Thanks very much!
Hello... Been through the 3 pages of this thread and can't find info I need... Then again, this is probably a reflection of my social isolation in Taiwan... I seldom go out with other Westerners and live in TPE county...

Can Westerners get direct flights to China from Songshan airport? Or must we still go to HK, apply for tourist or business visa - then on to the PRC destination?

Can a visa app be made to HK (to go to greater PRC) via post from TW?
(for example, when I was working in JeonJu [central Korea], I applied for TW visa from TW consulate in Seoul VIA POST... TW consulate sent the TW 60 day visa to my Hogwan [=language academy] in Central Korea, as Seoul was too far away)

Bottom line is, I'm looking at doing 3 to 4 months of teaching in the PRC, then doing a TOEIC teaching course [in Beijing] in December...

I'm sorry if my questions appear dumb, but -as I said- I'm outside of this sort of conversation in my daily life... Any help is most appreciated.
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Re: where can I find: Z&L visa info for foreigners in TW?

Postby Mucha Man » 28 May 2012, 22:55

Yes, foreigners can take direct flights from Songshan. Done it many times. Very easy.

Not sure if you can directly mail a passport to HK. I have used a travel agency in Taiwan (WHOSE in Taichung) a dozen times though to apply for a visa in HK. Takes a couple weeks and the passport comes back with the visa. Then you just go to the airport, fly to China, and voila, immigration stamps your passport with an entry date.

Be aware though that you will probably have to do a couple visa runs. If you get a multi-entry for 6 months that means you have to leave every 30 days (you just leave the country and then renter and you get another 30 days). If you are lucky you can get a two-month double entry which means you can stay 2 months before leaving but the maximum time you could stay would be 4 months.
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Re: where can I find: Z&L visa info for foreigners in TW?

Postby Craig0928 » 29 May 2012, 00:38

Great... Thank you for your help...

So... I'm hoping this is the same as many other countries that are 'friendly' with each other....
For example, can I just take a flight from Songshan/TouYuan directly to China (WITHOUT ANY VISA) and upon landing get a 30 day entry/visitors visa? (sometimes called an 'Arrival visa')
- Then get above extended while in China --- OR do a visa jump from Beijing to HK or Okinawa, then back to Beijing for another 30 or 60 days?

I know that with some countries (depending on 'relationships') a 60 day visa is usually granted on the basis of advanced application (rather than just arriving at any odd airport and asking for a short-term visitors visa)... So, for example, if I really need (and I do need) a 60 day visa on an initial basis (saves on doing a visa jump), should I go to HK first, go for an interview at the PRC embassy, and then wait two days in HK with the hope that they will give me the 60 days. Again, 60 days INITIALLY can avoid visa jumps.

I visited China in Jan 2005 for 6 weeks (applied from a PRC embassy in the Pacific), so have a record with their immigration as somebody who was 'good' and did not overstay (etc) ... I hear that this can make a difference when applying for visas (as in, how many days they will grant)... And my 2005 PRC visa was 60 days - first time in China! (but again, I applied for it in advance at a PRC overseas embassy - and in person)

Sorry to be a bit long-winded, but there are lots of possibilities on how the PRC can be processing foreign visa applicants that are residing in Taiwan.

A few things are certain,,, These things change all the time, and we all know TWs special relationship with PRC, adding further possible complication.
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